【Official】Satomo Ryokan

One-on-one meeting hospitality

"Satomo Ryokan" is a 3-minute walk from "JR Kyoto Station", the gateway to ancient Kyoto.
Not only in Kyoto but also in the Kansai area, it is an excellent location for sightseeing and business.
We value "one-on-one meeting" with our customers and welcome you with warm hospitality first.

■Official site reservation privilege■Enjoy your trip! Get a "Kyogashi souvenir"!

  • gifts by making a reservation on the Official website ♪

    Only for customers who make reservations from the Official website of this facility
    We will give one "Recommended Kyoto sweets souvenir" to each group!
    The contents of the sweets will be "enjoyment" after coming(^^)

    *The image is an image.Please understand.

<GoToTravel Campaign>About discount

  • 【GoToTravel Campaign】User guide

    *After making a reservation from the Official website, you need to obtain a discount coupon on the "STAYNAVI" site by yourself.
    ① Go to the "STAYNAVI" site from the banner on the left.
    ② Temporarily register your e-mail address from "Membership Registration".
    ③ The URL for full registration will be sent from "STAYNAVI" to the temporarily registered e-mail address.
    ④ Register your "account name" and "email address" from the linked URL to complete the main registration.
    ⑤ Register your reservation information from "Issue Coupon" on My Page and click "Issue Coupon".
    Please feel free to contact us as we can also act on your behalf by phone.
    *Regional coupons will be given at the front desk.

To use our hotel safely

  • This is a new corona infection prevention measure taken at this facility!

    ① Please disinfect your fingers with alcohol upon arrival.
    (2) We fill out the accommodation ledger, the questionnaire, and take the temperature.
    ③The front desk is made of splash-proof vinyl.
    ④ We encourage employees to manage their physical condition, measure temperature, and wash their hands and gargles.
    ⑤ When cleaning, ensure proper ventilation and disinfect the entire room with alcohol.
    ⑥ plan and number of people may be restricted to avoid congestion and contact.

    We hope that our customers will cooperate with us in many cases, but please understand.

■"Hospitality" of this facility

  • <Satomo Ryokan>Introducing services that make you happy to stay

    ■Free luggage storage
      OK before check-in and after check-out! Please enjoy your trip lightly.
    ■All room meals(Supper only)
      You can relax and enjoy your meal in your room without hesitation.
      It is also popular with families with young children and the elderly!
    ■Large communal bath can be used at midnight
      Please use the large communal baths for men and women at any time from check-in until 9 am the next morning.
    ■Children are welcome!
      Free accommodation for children with existing bed (no futon / meal)
      Baby goods and various childcare products are also available.
    ■Free WiFi throughout the building!
    ■English staff support OK 

Hotel Facilities

  • ■【Second floor]Large Communal Bath(Replacement system by gender)

    The large communal bath on the 2nd floor is a little wider, and you can feel the old-fashioned warmth.
    Please spend a relaxing and relaxing bath time.

    ●Backrest hot water
    Sit beside the bathtub and enjoy the waterfall-like hot water flowing through the backrest.

    ●Control lighting
    The lighting is dimmable, so you can choose the brightness to your liking.
  • ■【5th floor]Large Communal Bath(Replacement system by gender)

    You can use it late or early in the morning.
    A relaxing bath time will relieve the fatigue of your trip.

    ●Backrest hot water
    Sit beside the bathtub and enjoy the waterfall-like hot water flowing through the backrest.

    ●Control lighting
    The lighting is dimmable, so you can choose the brightness to your liking.
  • ■Large banquet hall

    Dinner will be served in your room, but breakfast will be served here.
    Please be assured that a bill will be presented for each room number.

    Breakfast is available from 7:00 / 7:30 / 8:00.
    *Depending on the number of people, there may be 101 next to the lobby.
    The front desk will contact you at check-in when changing locations.

    If you wish to have a banquet, please see "Guide for Banquet".
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Hotel Name

Satomo Ryokan


579 Higashi Shiokoji Town, Kizuyabashi-dori Muromachi-nishi-iru, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

Telephone number



【JR Kyoto Station】3 minutes walk from the central ticket gate (Kyoto Tower side).When coming from the underground passage, B14 is the nearest exit.
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Open from 7:00 to 23:00 Open all year round