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School trip information


This facility is located 3 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station, very close to Kyoto Tower.
It is convenient and can be used as a starting point for your trip, no matter where you come from all over Japan.
A sincere hospitality to make your educational trip of a lifetime more comfortable and enjoyable
To do.
Enjoy memories that won't fade in Kyoto

Dinner / Breakfast Experience learning is possible. There is a large communal bath.

An example of how to spend

17:00 Arrival at the inn Welcome Welcome!
17:30 Listen to the teachers
18:00 Dinner     Let's have fun!
19:00 Bath time Let's heal the tiredness of the day
20:00 Hands-on learning Maiko painting(Reservation required)
21:00 Executive Committee Others prepare in the room tomorrow)
22:00 off     Let's enjoy tomorrow!  good night

6:30 Waking up Are you still asleep?
7:00 Eat a lot of breakfast and have a good day!
8:00 Please leave!
  • Large Communal Bath

    Healing the tiredness of traveling in a new public bath, twice the size of a conventional open-air bath. (20 people)

    Up to 20 people on the 2nd floor and 18 people on the 5th floor at the same time.
    In a limited time, we can try to reduce bathing time as much as possible.
    In addition to the normal hot tub, there is a hot tub of micro bubbles (bubbles of about 1/100 of a millimeter), so you can enjoy silky hot water.
    We hope that you can have a fun bath time instead of just taking a bath.

    The bathtub is spacious and the number of showers has increased.
    Please enjoy two types of hot water with different touches.
    (shampoo/rinse/Full body soap)
    • Bathing time from 16:00 to 9:00 the following day

      2nd floor public bath

      The large public bath has become larger, twice as large as before.
      This facility was very small as a ryokan, so the desire to make the bath wider was fulfilled.
      Also, we wanted to enjoy not only the size but also the bath, so we are also making fun elements.

      There are public baths on the 2nd and 5th floors.
      The design differs slightly between the 2nd and 5th floors, and the size is slightly larger on the 2nd floor.

      The function is the same for both baths.
      Since the bath was changed to gender, it is not fixed which bath is gender.
    • Bathing time from 16:00 to 9:00 the following day

      5th floor public bath

      There is also a public bath on the 5th floor.

      【Control proof】
      Both the 5th and 2nd floor public baths are dimmable lights.
      Depending on your mood, you can lighten or darken the light.

      【Backrest hot water】
      Sit next to the bathtub like a bench, there is also a backrest, and from there, hot water comes out like a waterfall
      I did it.

      【Micro bubble】
      This is a bath with 1 / 100th of an air bubble.
      You can enjoy a silky touch.
      There is also a skin beautifying effect.
  • Rooms

    • All rooms have Black Tatami of the sum modern room

      [All rooms are equipped with washlets.】
      All rooms have new tubs.
      The hotel will evolve more comfortably in line with the diversifying and evolving lifestyle.

      [All air conditioners in the whole building have been renewed.】
      It is the latest high-efficiency, high-performance air conditioner, and can control the temperature in each room.
      You can also manage the air conditioning of all rooms at the front desk.

      [Eco-friendly windows "Pramad U" are installed in all rooms.
      Please go to Kyoto sightseeing the next day with perfect health.】
      Cooling and heating effect is greatly improved by noise prevention, condensation prevention and heat insulation effect!
      To heal the tired body with a tight schedule, you can maintain a comfortable indoor environment without being too hot or too cold.
  • Dinner

    We will create a memorable meal for your teacher trip with all your heart.
    Plenty of special taste in Kyoto ... The menu that can be selected is also substantial.

    You can choose a ceramic plate or small bowl for "Omoide" and "Fureai" from the menu below.
    • Omoide

      White fly/Skewers/Roll cabbage/Shumai/Fruit jelly
      May it be a good memory for your trip.
      【small bowl】 "Pottery" is optional.

      *The menu may change depending on the purchase situation.
       Please understand.
    • Fureai

      Fried chicken/Savory egg custard/Meat dumpling/Fruit jelly
      It is a popular paran with warm chawanmushi.
      【small bowl】 "Pottery" is optional.

      *The menu may change depending on the purchase situation.
       Please understand.
    • Ceramic plate selection menu

      ◆Pork ginger baked
      ◆Udon suki
      ◆Steak ⇦most popular☆

    • Small bowl menu selection

      ◆Chinese sprouts
      ◆Spinach sauce
      ◆Chinese vermicelli
      ◆Jako / Wakame / Cucumber Vinegar
    • 【Hot pot】Sukiyaki

      We will prepare a pot for each group.
      Sukiyaki made under a special split is exceptional.
      To a certain extent, it is provided in a finished form, so you can enjoy it immediately.
      *【Omoide】 Same price as "Fureai".
    • 【Hot pot】Udon suki

      It is a recommended Kyoto classic hot pot in the cold season.
      It goes well with soup stock and udon.
      This is also provided in a somewhat completed form like Sukiyaki.
      *【Omoide】 Same price as "Fureai".
    • Elementary school menu

      Cream croquette/White fly/Roll cabbage/Pudding
      *"Pottery" is a hamburger "Small bowl" is fixed with Chinese vermicelli
      It is a set that imagines the food that elementary school students may like.
      *Elementary school students can choose this menu or Sukiyaki.
      *Breakfast will be unified with the menu for elementary school students.
      *The menu may change depending on the purchase situation.
       Please understand.
    • Breakfast

      If you stay consecutively, the menu will be changed every day.
      Omelette/Seasoned laver/Burdock sky
      Can also be changed to bread meal "It costs 200 yen separately"

      Breakfast is available from 6:40.
    • other services

      This facility provides barley tea for water bottles as a service.
      Welcome sweets are available in your room.
      Experience learning (Maiko appreciation painting) is possible in the salon.
      *Reservation required 

      Allergies available Please contact us.
      *The image is an image.
  • Accommodation Information

    • Accommodation Information

      【Building structure】Rebar(5 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground)
      【Total number of rooms】21 rooms(Japanese style room with bath and toilet:20 rooms/Other:1 room)
      【Hall】46 square meters:1 place/60 square meters(11 × 3)
      【Basement hall】Dug-tatsu venue
      【Capacity】1 person 2 square meters:145/1 person 3 square meters:120 people/4 square meters per person:85 people
      【Large Communal Bath】Second floor:20 people(shower:10 places)/5th floor:18 people(shower:9 places)
       *Both are gender replacement systems
      【All rooms bath】Available for students(Used in conjunction with a public bath)
      【Washroom】Available in each room
      【toilet】Each room/1F Men and Women:1 place each
       *All rooms have shower toilet
      [Lobby] 48㎡
      【Lower leg】Change slippers at the entrance
      【Elevator】Available for students(Capacity 11)
      【Broadcast facility】Available from the front desk for all buildings and each floor
      【Air conditioning】Air-conditioned(Adjustable for each room)
      【Valuables】Valuables bag(For each room)/safe
    • Accommodation Information

      【Meal place】Each room/1st floor hall/Basement hall
      【vending machine】Juices(First floor/5th floor)
      【Tel】Each room(Removable)
      【Public telephone】lobby:One
      【TV set】Available in each room(Free)
      【refrigerator】Installed in each room
      【Room key】manual(Can be used by school)
      【Tea service】Each room / In front of each floor serving room / Can be refilled into the water bottle
      【Meeting place】lobby/1st floor hall
      【Night watchman】Resident at night
      【emergency exit】Each floor:2 to 3 places
      【Evacuation equipment】2nd to 5th floor:1 place each(Evacuation ladder)
      【Evacuation site】Kyoto Station Square
      【Disaster prevention equipment】fire hydrant(Each floor)/fire alarm/Emergency lights/Certificate for Fireproofing issued
      【AED】Installed in the lobby
  • Student brochure