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Meal information

Enjoy the effort of the chief chef who trained at the restaurant and the dishes that make an impression like Kyoto.

Providing authentic Kyoto Cuisine at reasonable rates,
To serve Kyoto-like things,
Leverage the skills of the chef and make extra effort
We are devised to make our customers happy even a little.

The food you eat at the ryokan was good, you can feel that it was like Kyoto,
Every effort is made to satisfy our customers.

Authentic Kyoto Cuisine

  • Experience the four seasons of Kyoto "Kyo Kaiseki Meal"

    This facility does not have hot springs or entertainment facilities, but anyway it is near the station and there are many delicious shops around.
    Nevertheless, in this facility, we want to value the customers who eat.
    Because I think that one of the pleasures of traveling is food.

    In this facility, "Kyo Kaiseki Meal", which is made by seasoned ingredients by seasoned cooks, is the most popular.
    We offer delicious meals that you can see and eat in Kyoto, which has a long history.
    Please enjoy a private meal in your room that you cannot experience at a restaurant.
  • Excellent “Kyoto-style Sukiyaki”

    In Kyoto, you can't talk about meals without sukiyaki.
    Vegetables such as Japanese black beef and Kujo leek carefully selected
    And the recipe is very simple
    Use only sake, soy sauce and sugar
    The staff will cook in front of you according to your taste.

    Please enjoy Kyoto sukiyaki happily.
  • Ingenuity to add

    "Yuzu smells after eating"
    "Isn't there a completely different impression from the usual ingredients?

    I think that's exactly the skill and passion of the cook.
    An art only because you know all the ingredients.

    The scent of bellows cucumbers, chrysanthemums and citrons, passion for dashi, etc.
    We believe it is a hassle that we hope will satisfy our artisans' customers.
  • "Ichibo Steak"

    In this facility, we would like to offer something memorable and memorable meals in the menu of meals.
    Overall it was delicious but there was no main.
    I have received the opinion that.
    If you stay at a ryokan for a few days, months, or even years, you will almost forget what food was served.
    There are many things that you eat, such as eating suppin, eating blowfish, and eating crab, so I think it will be memorable.
    If you remember, you can remember if you want to eat again.

    "Ichibo Steak" is popular as a rare part because it can only take about 2 kg from one cow.
    Mellow, sweet and soft, please enjoy with simple seasoning such as citron pepper and rock salt.
  • Ichibo Steak with Japanese Ichibo Steak beef Ichibo Steak

    "Delicious but low volume"
    "I want to eat not only Kyoto Cuisine but also delicious Kyoto meat."
    In response to such customers'Ichibo Steak, kaiseki cuisine with "Ichibo Steak" was born.
    Soft and tasty "Ichibo Meat" is one of the popular menu items that have been patronized for many years.

    Simple with salt and pepper, stimulating with citron pepper,
    As usual with steak sauce ,,
    Please enjoy with your favorite taste.

    *The photograph is an image.The menu may change depending on the season and purchase.
    • "Autumn"Ichibo Kaiseki cuisine menu example


      Sesame tofu split soy sauce yuzu miso

      8 inch

      Autumn sword fish Kosode sushi Fukiyaki Shinjo Daitokuji Fu Shigure boiled duck loin


      3 kinds of seasonal fish sashimi


      Mushroom bun millet glue silk pods silver paste

      Grilled Dish

      魳 Wakasa grilled with chrysanthemum sweet vinegar pickled sudachi


      Japanese beef (A4 to A5 rank) and Kyo Mizuna Shabu Shabu

      Iron plate

      Ichibo Steak garlic chips citron pepper

      Steamed food

      Shinshu steamed mackerel tea soba nameko special soup


      Scallop grilled vinegar miso pickled in paprika vinegar tosa vinegar lemon

      Staying in

      Red miso soup, three leaves, powdered pepper


      Matcha jelly made with matcha from Gion Tsujiri


      Omi rice of contract farmer Nishikawa
      ¥ 15,750 per person per night with dinner and breakfast
  • Seasonal Kyo Kaiseki Meal

    "Kaiseki cuisine", which uses seasonal and colorful ingredients, includes the seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter.

    "Bamboo shoot" in spring "Hamo" in summer "Matsutake" in autumn "Tube" in winter

    Please touch on the food culture cultivated in the long history of Kyoto.

    *The photograph is an image.The menu may change depending on the season and purchase situation.
    • "New Year" kaiseki cuisine menu example


      Crab miso tofu crab meat split soy sauce

      8 inch

      How much soy sauce pickled crab true length child-bearing kelp moroko kanro-ni boiled 1000 wheel tower miso pickled


      3 kinds of seasonal fish


      Sweet pot rape rape plum ginseng needle yuzu

      Grilled Dish

      Japanese red mackerel miso yuan ware red and white hajikami


      Shabu-shabu of A4 to A5 Wagyu beef and Kyo Mizuna

      Steamed food

      Sweet bream red rice steamed with silver bean paste


      Dragon skin roll Cucumber young cloth Lemon

      Staying in

      Tide tailoring, clam, god horse grass, powdered pepper


      Yuzu jelly fresh cream with strawberry


      Omi rice of contract farmer Nishikawa
      1 person 1 night 2 meals from \ 12,600
  • Kaiseki cuisine with boats

    Anyone who wants to enjoy a luxurious meal anyway is finally a new plan

    The boat has come out, and we have begun the “Funemori Kaiseki cuisine”. ‼

    Japanese Spiny Lobster bream scallop kanpachi tuna etc. will be prepared according to the season at that time.

    Have dinner at a good old ryokan 館

    *The photograph is an image.The menu may change depending on the season and purchase situation.
    • Date limited "Funamori" Kaiseki cuisine


      Shirako tofu wolfberry ponzu

      8 inch 

      Sea rat sleet dressed with crab true length duck loin maple walnuts


      Japanese Spiny Lobster scallop Kampichi sea bream tuna *The menu will change depending on the purchase and season.


      Potato plum ginseng silk pod needle citron

      Paper pot

      【A4 to A5 rank】Kyo Mizuna Shabu-Shabu 

      Grilled Dish

      Mutsu yuan grilled kuzukasa yuzu red and white hajikami

      Steamed food

      All duck crab bean jam


      Dragon flying scroll

      Staying in

      Red Dashi Nameko Trefoil


      Matcha jelly made with Gion Tsujiri in Kyoto

Information for breakfast

For breakfast, we will prepare a Japanese set meal.
☆Simmered tofu
☆Grilled salmon
☆Plum teacup steamed
☆Kyoto specialty white miso soup
Etc. are available.
For guests staying consecutively, the menu changes every day,
Enjoy breakfast to your heart's content.
  • For breakfast, a Japanese set meal will be served at the venue.

    You can choose your breakfast start time from 7:00 / 7:30 / 8:00.

    The breakfast venue is a ground floor digging hall.
    It is a venue that combines the comfort of a chair and table with a Japanese atmosphere.
  • Large banquet hall

    Dinner will be served in your room, but breakfast will be served here.
    Please be assured that a bill will be presented for each room number.

    Breakfast is available from 7:00 / 7:30 / 8:00.

    I want to use it for a banquet.
    Details on the banquet hall can be found in the banquet information.