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Banquet information

Digging banquet halls, saloons and private rooms accommodating up to 100 people are prepared according to the number of people and the purpose.

Up to 100 people than 8 people you can enjoy a banquet in the sum modern atmosphere during the entire room Black Tatami
We will also welcome you with a variety of dishes.

*All prices are per person, include service charge, and exclude consumption tax.
*The venue will be used for two and a half hours.
*All you can drink is 2 hours.
*The food photo is an image.
*Please reserve all dishes in advance.Please understand that one-day dishes, sashimi etc. cannot be prepared on the day.

You can choose the venue according to the number of people.The banquet plan can be used up to two and a half hours (150 minutes).
  • Large banquet hall, private room, 1st floor hall

    • Large banquet hall
      A popular underground digging-style banquet hall.
      The digging goats ceremony is especially popular with women who are not good at sitting and women who don't play cross-legged.(Up to 100 people)

      New Year party year-end party
      Recommended for those looking for a venue with a large number of people.

      Reserved OK
      There are two wireless microphones

      15 to 40 people can also use 101.
    • Private Room
      Please spend a time of relaxation in a spacious private room.(Up to 20 people)

      Ideal for banquets for children
      Family, reunion, worried around because there are infants
      It is reserved and you can enjoy a private space.
    • 101(Middle hall next to the lobby)
      Up to 40 people
      Business hours 7:00 to 21:30

      A perfect venue for medium-sized banquets.
      Digging for up to 20 people
      Tatami seats for more than 21 people.

      This is also reserved.
  • 【Most Popular】 "Super Value Set" Chanko Nabe plan"All-you-can-drink"

    • Chanko hot pot/All-you-can-drink + all-you-can-drink
      Chanko Nabe is a fine soup stocked with a pile of high quality kelp and straw.

      We offer porridge for closing.
      Excellent compatibility with the finest broth‼

      This is the most popular menu with all-you-can-drink (2 hours).
      5,000 yen per person(Tax excluded)
  • Sukiyaki【All-you-can-drink plan】

    This is a sukiyaki plan that is specially prepared.
    250g of meat, super size available

    We offer udon noodles.
    The taste of meat and vegetables is soaked and spreads.

    Price 6,000 yen per person (Tax excluded)
  • Specialty Recommended Menu

    One dish 8 inch, vinegar, made platter can be prepared according to your budget.

    • Chanko hot pot(With porridge)
      \ 4,000(Tax excluded)
    • Yose pot(With porridge)
      \ 5,000(Tax excluded)
    • Izakaya style set menu
      5,500 yen(Tax excluded)
    • Special Japanese beef sukiyaki(With udon and rice)
      \ 6,000(Tax excluded)
    • Special Wagyu beef shabu-shabu(With rice)
      \ 6,500(Tax excluded)
    • sashimi(For one person)
      From \ 600(Tax excluded)
    • *Depending on the purchase situation, we may not be able to prepare.
  • All-you-can-drink Plan

    • 120 minutes all-you-can-drink plan
      ¥ 2,000 per person for all dishes(Tax excluded)
      Beer / sake / whiskey / shochu / highball / sours / plum (wheat / potato / rice / buckwheat etc.)
      All you can drink soft drinks (oolong tea / cider / cola / orange juice / non-alcoholic beer)!
      1 person \ 2,000(Tax excluded)
    • 120 minutes all-you-can-drink L plan
      All-you-can-drink plan + ¥ 1,000 (excluding tax) plus wine / champagne.
      【All-you-can-drink Plan】+ \ 1,000(Tax excluded)